Facts For Working People Weekly Phone Conferences and Discussions

We have had people ask about our weekly phone conferences and what sort of guidelines we have for participating in them. This is a general outline of those principles for participating in the discussions and the building of this project.

Political Principles of the Facts For Working People (FFWP) Think Tank and Blog

End capitalism which is destroying life on earth.

Build a Democratic Socialist Sustainable World.

For the United International Working Class to run the world, not the 1%. 

Principles for participating in the Facts For Working People Think Tank and its discussions. 

Democratic discussion and expression of views and the creation of a non- sectarian atmosphere and culture. 

People participating in the discussions and conference calls of the Facts For Working People Think Tank can be in organizations that are generally in line with the political principles above.

Conference calls and discussions of the FFWP Think Tank are weekly or as needed. Where we have resources we meet to discuss agreed topics and plan activity. 

People invited to participate in the FFWP Think Tank and conference calls who are members of left organizations are expected to share the views of any organization to which they may belong, including the different views within these organizations and any debates and discussions that would be taking place within these organizations. 

It is in the interests of the working class that open, honest, public discussion be the norm. In this era of the Internet and the capitalist state’s ability to tap every phone and computer to imagine that it is either good or possible to have secret discussion would in itself be a sign that the socialist left would be totally at odds with reality.  This thinking would mean that the bourgeois could listen to the internal discussions of socialist groups but the working class would be excluded.

The FFWP think tank is not an organization. We are a current of thought that has developed around our blog. We oppose Democratic Centralism. We agree on the importance and primacy of building or helping build the global working class movement that can drive back the capitalist offensive, and as we participate in this, work in a non sectarian way to build a revolutionary socialist current and leadership within this movement.  We see sectarianism as a scourge that damages the working class movement and we are all responsible to openly oppose it when and if it arises.

We expect, any member or former member of the self-proclaimed socialist organizations who are interested in being involved in our FFWP Think Tank conference calls and discussions to start from the position of openly admitting their mistakes as we openly admit our mistakes and learning from their mistakes as we try to learn from ours.

Contact us at: we_know_whats_up@yahoo.com

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