Saturday, February 24, 2018

US Idiot Sweat Shop Profiteer Ivanka Represents US in Korean Peninsula.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I am sitting in a cafe in sunny Des Plaines with Sean, one of the other authors on this blog. He's reading the NYT and there's a picture on it that I couldn't get on the web. With astonishing arrogance US imperialism has sent this offspring of the degenerate Trump as an emissary to the Korean peninsula.  While there, and as the man sitting next to her is making efforts to ease tension in the area,  she is calling for increased aggression with the northern part of the country.

Such stunning arrogance, a natural aspect of an imperialist country with regards to the rest of the world (that it considers its own back yard), reminds me of the British colonial representative Lord Mountbatten who, with equal arrogance, vacated on his property in England's first colonial possession stolen from those who occupied it, received a present from the IRA in the form of a bomb on his boat that prematurely ended his life.

This moronic woman is some sort of clothing manufacturer whose wealth is derived in the first place from her father's slumlord income and now sweat shop labor is herself, married to Jared Kushner, another amoral landlord.

These people are completely amoral. It's not only a personal insult to Jae Moon-in, it's a national insult on the part of the US government to all the people of the Korean Peninsula to have this moron of a woman over there . If we think it's been a bit frightening for us in the US, the threat of a nuclear conflict, what must it be like for the people in the Korea's? As I write, it's also an insult to the US working class to have these people speak for us.

And that brings me to my er, second to last point. In the US, workers have no political party of our own. The leaders of the workers' organizations are to the right of many capitalist politicians in the Democratic Party when it comes to foreign policy and much else.  That this clothing manufacturer, a vicious exploiter of workers in Asia and beyond that, the defender of a serial sexual predator in the form of her father, can represent a nation of 300 million people reflects the political and moral decay that exists among the US ruling class and its two political parties and the vacuum that exists in working class leadership as we would be apologizing to the Koreans and separating ourselves from the actions of our own state machine.

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