Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kevin Higgins: Ode to Ian Duncan Smith

Ian Duncan Smith
Ian Duncan Smith is a Thatcherite politician in the British Conservative Party.  The present Prime Minister, David Cameron, appointed him Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, a post he still holds.  He is a principal architect of the war against workers, low income families and the poor, he has been referred to in some circles as "The Minister of Murder".  Below is Irish poet, Kevin Higgins' poem dedicated to Smith. *

Ode To Ian Duncan Smith
for Liam

Oh Minister for Worry and Work.
Your head is a perfect egg
waiting for the teaspoon
to come crashing down on it.

You’re on the side of hard working
arses who haven’t stopped to take
a wipe since Maggie were a lad,
men in white cars who know
there’s nothing up with the youth
of today that having pointless orders
screamed in their ears before
five in the morning wouldn’t quickly cure.

You’re delighted to this afternoon
announce that every home in Britain
whose curtains remain drawn after eleven a.m.
this coming Monday will receive
in the post a leaflet outlining the cheapest
possible methods of unassisted
suicide for the terminally work shy:
the advantages
to both themselves and the taxpayer
of a quiet razor blade
over jumping from footbridges
onto motorways
hardworking families are busy
driving up and down. 


More poetry and information about Kevin Higgins can be found at Salmon Poetry  

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